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Every individual has his or her own needs, just as every room has its unique atmosphere. A good atmosphere has nothing to do with style or money. It comes from the people who fill the space with life.


The human being is therefore at the centre of my work. What moves the person? How does he or she go through everyday life? It is elementary for me to grasp the client's needs, to feel and understand him. Because where people feel safe and at home, they find balance and can recharge their batteries.

,What I want? To make people

a little happier.'


For me, it's not about following trends. Rather, the interior design should match the client. That means for me being mindful of the space and taking the client's needs equally into account. It is important to me to appeal to all the senses in order to set new impulses. The right mix of materials, the exciting colour combination, the play with proportions, the lighting mood... these are just a few of the possibilities that I relate to the space and thus create a coherent whole.


What drives me is my passion to create something unique, to bring the details together to create the big picture in the end - living worlds with charisma. That is the reason why I am an interior designer.

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